Mega-Shift to AI-DigiTech Webolution

November 9, 2019

  Mega-Shift to

AI-DigiTech Webolution  

We are in a massive AI-DigiTransform Webolution; a mega-shift from the Industrial Revolution. To grasp its overall effects, we need Alvin Toffler's "Third Wave" model.

Toffler described 1st-Wave Agriculture, 2nd-Wave Industry, and the 3rd-Wave he simply called Post-Industrial Society.

When asked about it on a lecture tour of China in 1986, I said the 3rd-Wave should be split into 4 waves: Services, High-Tech, Leisure, and Outer-Space.

My 4th-Wave is what some now call Industry 4.0 which is High-Tech based. (I won't get into Leisure and Space, though they are obvious and will become larger as the Webolution evolves).

To understand this mega-shift, which has much farther to go as Artificial Intelligent develops, we should focus on the composite AI-DigiTech Webolution.

We thus have shifted from Manual to Mechanical to Mental. This is a wide-scale reversal back to human capability, in the form of intelligence (human and computer) as the new economic driver. DigiTech thus reverses all processes, as I posted recently.

So the Webolution reverses what the Mechanical era put in place. That model is fast-becoming obsolete. And since technology extends human abilities, we are moving away from mechanical/physical extensions to brain/mental extensions through Webolutionary tech.

This is totally reinventing everything about life and commerce.

I will write more about this in the future.